The consultant-coach link

Having had mixed experiences with both consultants and formal or informal golf lessons in the past, it is not surprising that we found ourselves returning to the parallels between coaching and consulting when we decided to start our firm.  Some days you show up on the first tee feeling incredibly confident, stripe that first drive down the fairway and never look back on your way to shooting net par or better.  Other days, you feel like you have never held a club before, find yourself missing left and right, and go holes without sniffing a par let alone a birdie.  Even more frustrating is when these days come back-to-back or even from the front 9 to the back.  While their variability in performance is significantly reduced from the average or even above average weekend player, even the best golfers in the world recognize that they cannot always self-diagnose those elements of the swing that are preventing them from consistently playing their best.  Top instructors such as the Butch Harmons and David Leadbetters of the world would be hard pressed to consistently beat some of the top weekend club players at your local course, but they can help elicit the best performance from players like Phil Mickelson because they are able to see and teach the mechanics—and the psychology—that lead to world-class performance on the PGA tour. 

Is your organization operating at peak efficiency and getting consistent top results from both its people and its products?  Are you even able to critically evaluate whether this is the case?  Often, what is needed is a third party perspective to help you see and realize the latent potential going untapped in your organization.  At eyelevel, our driving philosophy is built around the simple idea of customer-centricity.  “The golf ball doesn’t lie” is a common saying, meaning that the way you strike the ball is going to impart the spin, distance, velocity, etc. that add up to your shot result.  In the same sense, we believe that the customer doesn’t lie.  Just as the plane of the golf swing, openness of the face, and swing speed all can impact where your ball ends up, there are any number of variables that can spell the difference between success and failure in your business.  By focusing on the customer—seeing them eye-to-eye—we are able to advise you across your organization on the best means to achieve your singular goal of reaching those customers most effectively.  We can help you to determine the messages they will be most receptive to hearing and most likely to act upon.  We can help you to shape your offering to address the true must haves that drive purchases vs. the nice to haves that leave you scratching your head about all of the positive buzz that fizzled into disappointing revenue results.  Perhaps most importantly, we are flexible enough to help you in these and other areas in ways that make the most sense for you and your organization as the unique beings that you are.