Are you un-coachable?

The recent announcement that Sean Foley will no longer be Tiger Woods’s coach likely comes as no surprise to anyone who read his previous coach’s book, Hank Haney’s The Big Miss.  Among the most remarkable elements of that rare insider look at one of the greatest golfers of all time, Tiger would routinely ignore the extensive coaching feedback that Haney would share with him after tournaments.  Of course, Tiger had another high-profile split with Butch Harmon prior to working with Haney.  This is not to say that Tiger is not coachable, as it simply may be that he is such a high performer with an understanding of his mechanics that allows him to take bits and pieces from each of his coaches before moving on to the next one.  However, it is fair to ask the question, and for our purposes, it illustrates a fundamental belief we bring to each client engagement at EYELEVEL.

As we shared in a recent post, we do not believe there is a single solution for every client. We are direct and sometimes brutally honest with our clients, particularly at the outset of our discussions about potential projects.  We have seen over and over, both throughout experiences at different companies and at EYELEVEL, that often consultant teams are brought in to build the “evidence” to support a product plan that is already well underway in the hearts and minds of the company.  We believe so strongly in the need to assess the product-customer potential deeply and from multiple perspectives that we would prefer not to work on a project where the client has already made up its mind about the outcome We approach every project with a blank slate of new questions; ones specifically designed to elicit the deep understanding needed to steer the idea where it naturally wants to go.   And we are flexible enough to change our approach in the midst of a project if the market is leading us in a different direction.  In the end, we are here to help our clients realize the maximum potential in each of their offerings, and if we were not open to the variety of possible paths leading to that outcome, we would hope our clients would follow Tiger’s lead and look elsewhere for assistance. 

If you believe there is untapped potential in your organization and your team is excited by this kind of coaching, we would love to explore areas wher