A Birthday Gift

As EyeLevel approaches its official first birthday, we would like to turn the tables a bit and extend a gift to our supporters and all of the education companies we haven’t met yet.   We have written on numerous occasions about the passion we have for working with companies and individuals who share our commitment to developing and delivering products and services that advance educational outcomes.  Our first year—and many of our prior experiences that led us to form EyeLevel—has been so rewarding in this respect as we have engaged with a number of like-minded folks.  The successes we have enjoyed over the past 12 months put us in the fortunate position to be able to continue to be highly selective in terms of the clients we take on and the terms of those engagements.  This good fortune also makes us hungry to work with more exciting clients with a shared vision.

We started EyeLevel with one goal: to help companies grow their revenue by creating and launching products using deep customer insight.  And like the companies we work with, we have learned a lot about our customers over this past year.  We believe—and know from some conversations with prospective clients over the past 12 months—there are great companies out there that would benefit from EyeLevel’s expertise, particularly in the area of go-to-market business development services, but have limited resources.  We do not want such (early stage) constraints to prevent an excellent collaboration from launching.  That brings us to our birthday gift: we have developed a number of models in the area of business development, especially for those with limited starting resources.  We even have solution where we will work on a contingency basis with new clients.  That’s right, if we believe our vision aligns with a prospective client’s, we will undertake business development efforts on the client’s behalf at no cost to the client until we have actually delivered results.  Our goal is to bring you solutions to your challenges, whether those are external or internal. 

If you are in need of go-to-market business development services, and you think EyeLevel’s experienced team can help, give us a call.  We are confident that with a shared vision, we can employ a business model that fits your organization—even one that costs you nothing.   Seems like that might be worth a call!