Probably not me, but I know someone…

In the past week, I spoke with a headhunter about a job that would have been highly attractive to me even just a couple of years ago, and the next day, I heard from a former colleague and (current) friend about an interesting executive-level job at his company.  In both cases, it was encouraging to be able to recommend associates and competitors that I thought would make good candidates.  Never once, however, did I consider pursuing either option myself.  That got me to thinking about why—what makes me pass on a potentially interesting, certainly more stable, and possibly even more lucrative opportunity without batting an eye? 

Fortunately, the cardio time at the gym allows for lots of self-introspection, and I decided the motivator was in some parts my risk-taking nature.  I can be comfortable with discomfort and thrive on the thrill of figuring it out.  But along with that is a real desire to give back a bit professionally and help other talented folks find the right fit for their skills.  The pleasure in helping a sales rep to maximize her potential and consistently exceed sales expectations is very meaningful as is working with a management team to develop and execute strategic and tactical plans that produce award-winning results.  That said, at this point in my life, the excitement and sense of accomplishment from doing so again or celebrating 5-10% growth over expectations simply cannot compare to the sense of accomplishment and contribution derived from helping others launch a brand new product or service, guiding and driving a true pivot in a firm or division, or assisting a company to enter wholly new markets.   And once those goals are met, I know that is the time for me to disengage and recommend others who are more capable and talented than I to provide the ongoing management.  And helping those companies find the right person to fill those roles completes the circle. 

EyeLevel has deep experience in building new sales organizations, creating, building and launching new products, and creating loyal customer bases.  But we also have a broad network of talented professionals who can help build out your team as you create, pivot, or refine your strategies.  And for me, both parts are equally rewarding.  I look forward to hearing about the next go-to-market and/or pivot challenge and discussing ways we might be of service.  And if not us, we are happy to recommend a better fit.