It's All Relative

After playing in a recent golf tournament in Florida, I was hanging out in the clubhouse with a bunch of other participants talking about the event.  Between lamenting the strokes that got away, a number of the guys complained about the pace of play and some others were upset about the state of the rough around a few greens.  Predictably, when the post-round meal was brought out, there were a few grumbles about the menu and quality.  Having been a member at a club up north for a number of years that consistently underwhelms its membership, I could only shake my head and bite my tongue as I thought about how much better this event had been than 95% of those I participate in each year.

So, why am I telling this story in this forum?  This experience reminded me of the basic truth that perspective can make all the difference, or said differently, everything is relative.  When we are in the bubble of our own departments, business units, or companies, it can be easy to lose that perspective.  Just as a simple assortment of hot pub style appetizers can look pretty good to someone used to trays of cold cuts but disappointing to someone expecting filet mignon, our analysis of potential future strategy and tactics can be heavily influenced by the frame in which we view them.  And stepping out of that frame, isn’t always easy to do. 

One of the great joys and advantages of working as a consultant is the opportunity to work with a variety of clients in different but related business pursuits.  That perspective allows us to help our clients to view their current and future operations and plans in new and novel ways.  If you believe your business could benefit from an additional set of eyes, we would love to talk.