EyeLevel uses the principles of customer insight to focus on the "non-obvious."

By focusing on the non-obvious, we provide opportunities to open up dialog with your customer--on both the academic and emotional fronts--creating a multidimensional picture of your customer.  Sometimes more art than science, insight does not come from percentages and pie charts; it relies on the intersection of many sources and multiple stakeholders to reveal vital truths about your customer and your products.

Insights are not incremental:

Insights should be powerful enough for customers to change their behavior.

Insights need to be actionable.

If it can’t be tested, it isn’t insight. Rapid prototyping and MVP (minimally viable product) are the outcomes of insight.

Insights provide a win/win.

Today’s companies must earn and keep the trust of their customers or be doomed to see their mistakes broadcast by unsatisfied customers. Insight allows you to act in the best interest of the customer as well as the best interest of your organization.